Adventure Parks

There’s a good chance that if you’re reading this you are inside. We’ve all been there, we live there, we sleep there and we all spend most and too much of our time there. It’s comfortable; our things are there, we work there, the TV and the internet are there. But sometimes it all just gets a bit boring. Sometimes the kids are tearing the house and each other apart, as the walls close in around you and you realise you need to get out. You an adventure! Break free from X factor and the sofa, release the children from their Xbox shackles and go find adventure in the Great British countryside.

Get on willies and boots, maybe bring a coat and let family run, climb, swing and enjoy the outdoors around some of Britain’s best adventure parks and here at Freedom2Explore we have plenty of suggestions to get you on your way.

Ragley Hall and Gardens:

These enchanting grounds and woodland complete with one of England’s finest Palladian Houses don’t instantly seem like the kind a place to you want to drag children around for an afternoon but that’s until you discover the hugely popular Adventure Playground. The playground caters to all ages of children as well as the Small People’s Playground for toddlers. The main attraction for older children is the 3D maze that challenges kids with a series of climbing frames, trampoline, swings, slides, aerial runway and wooden fortress that children must conquer to escape. Ragley’s even has something for those have always dreamed of throwing themselves down a hill inside an inflatable ball with water and body zorbing.

Dinosaur Adventure:

Ever wanted to visit Jurassic Park without the possibility of a tropical storm causing you to be eaten alive by Prehistoric monsters? Well now you can! This Norfolk based adventure park send visitors on missions around it’s woodlands to uncover life-sized dinosaurs (not actual dinosaurs) like T-rex roaming amongst the trees without the fear of being outsmarted by Velociraptors. The park also lets children uncover their own fossils, tour the deer park, get hands on with adorable farm animals, race against time around the Raptor Race Circuit, putt their way through he volcanic crazy gold course and scaled the 23m climb-a-saurus. As you can probably tell there is more than enough to keep kids occupied (as well as plenty of dinosaur puns) and perfect for those hitting the prime of their inevitable dinosaur phase. Clever girl.            

Go Ape:

The forests of Britain can always be relied upon for a peaceful walk but why walk the forest floor, gazing up at the trees above when you can swing through them like a gortex clad monkey? Now with 28 adventure locations around the UK, Go Ape offers a day out for families with older children, where visitors can traverse this high-wire assault course through some of the country’s most beautiful forests.  The courses are made up of zip rope swings, ladders, walkways, bridges and tunnels with the Queen Elizabeth Forest Park near Sterling hosting the country’s longest zip-wire. Those less keen on heights can still enjoy the parks’ segway forest tours and mountain biking.

The Jungle NI*:

Opened in 2005 as Northern Ireland’s first paintball site, the Jungle has expanded to include a huge range of activities and more family orientated fun. The site includes a high wire tree-top course, archery and clay pigeon ranges, zorbing and of course paintball. The Jungle now dedicates its Sundays to providing family fun days for children of six and up with plenty of activities to keep children busy all day.

Bowood House:

One of England’s most famous adventure parks this extensive playground lets children’s and imagination run wild around the obstacles and attractions this country woodland has to offer.  The parks highlights include the full sized pirate galleon- ‘Centaur’. Designed by Cornish boat builder Alastair Guy, young shipmates can spend hours climbing the rigging to the crow’s nest and seeking out adventure. The park’s most popular attraction however, is the Space Dive, or to give it it’s incredibly, ominous nick-name ‘The Death Slide’.   Based on Victorian design the slide begins with an exhilaration 19foot vertical drop. Less suicidal children will find plenty of more sane activities throughout the playground.

Cannon Hall Farm:

one of the best adventure playgrounds in the North of England following a £400,000 investment the Cannon Hall adventure playground has a huge number of obstacles, slides and swings for kids to burn up some energy on. The timber is all provided by German play experts Richter and the park has some innovative features such as Europe’s largest tube maze which could easily host Olympic hide and seek if it existed. The park also provided an area for younger children and toddlers, who are often not quite so well accommodated for at adventure parks.

These are just a few of the places around the UK ready for families to seek out adventure. So why not let the sofa and Xbox have a rest and get outside.