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Being an island nation Britain has quite the history when it comes to sailing. From trans-Pacific explorers to dominating navies, Britain’s sailing has helped to shape the modern world and...

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Thinking of catching a wave in the UK? Apparently autumn is the best time to ride the waves with regular swells and less crowded beaches. Surfing locations in the UK vary from the...

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Things to do for FREE!

Who said fun can’t be free? In the UK, it certainly can, as there is a wide variety of sites, attractions, museums and more that don’t ask for a penny in exchange for the cultural enrichment...

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Trains & Railways

Is there any phrase more exciting than ‘All aboard!’…? We think not. Old, new, steam, whatever-it’s-called-when-it-isn’t-steam – the UK is full of railways of all shapes and sizes....

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Walking. Such a simple activity – most of us do it every day without even thinking about it. But it all depends on where you walk, doesn’t it? And the UK is chock full of impressive and...

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Water Parks

Slipping, sliding, screaming, splashing, crashing, cruising, floating, boating… Everyone loves a waterpark, and there are a vast number to choose from throughout the UK. The somewhat...

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Who doesn’t like a bit of splishing and splashing and mucking about in various vessels on water? Luckily, the UK is literally surrounded with the stuff, not to mention contains a number of...

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‘We're going to the zoo, to see a kangaroo, and a lion too!’ Go on, you know you want to sing along… There’s something intrinsically exciting about going to a zoo, isn’t there?...

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