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Sometimes called “the gateway to the Midlands and East Anglia”, Bedfordshire is delightfully rural, considering it’s just 30 miles from London. Two traditional nicknames for people from...

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The county is one of the oldest in England, possibly dating as far back as the 840s, the probable period of the unification of East Berkshire and the Berkshire Downs. Berkshire has a rather...

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Blaenau Gwent

So, what is there to actually see and do? Well, Blaenau Gwent does have some points where you can just chillax and enjoy the natural scenery. The Ebbw Fach Trail is approximately 16km long and...

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Buckinghamshire is also a great place to visit for short-term breaks. Families and their little ones will enjoy the chance to learn more about Roald Dahl, who called this county his home. A good...

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If you’re in Caerphilly in the summer, then The Big Cheese festival (yes, it’s to celebrate Caerphilly cheese!) is not one to be missed. Don’t worry though, it’s not just a big cheese...

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To the east, it shares borders with Swansea, Neath Port Talbot and Powys. To the north is Ceredigion, Pembrokeshire is to the west and to the south is the Atlantic Ocean, making Carmarthenshire...

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Croeso Ceredigion! Or ‘Welcome to Ceredigion’ to most people. On the western Welsh coast lies the county of Ceredigion (formerly Cardiganshire) and it remains one of the only centres of...

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When it comes to the animal world Cheshire is possibly most famous for Chester Zoo. This is where you will find wolves,...

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Occupying the most southerly and westerly points of Great Britain, and outlined by around three-hundred miles of coastal landscapes unspoilt in their beauty, Cornwall is an obvious choice for...

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