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There’s lots to see and do within this district. The area has been a tourist destination for centuries, with a guide to the area, De Mirabilibus Pecci (or, The Seven Wonders of the Peak) by...

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If you’re looking for sea and sandy fun, Devon has lots of beaches to choose from. One highlight is

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Poor old Dorset. The Romans conquered the area's indigenous Celtic tribe and during the early Middle Ages, the Saxons settled the area. Peace didn’t last for very long, however, as Dorset was...

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The city contains an 11th century castle, Durham Castle, which has been the home of Durham University since the early 19th century. Guided tours are available at limited times, as the castle is...

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East Sussex

Brighton’s cobbled beach and pier is an iconic British image. Brighton is filled with...

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East Yorkshire

Kingston upon Hull is home to the impressive and iconic Humber Bridge one of the world’s longest single span...

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But what the show hasn’t highlighted is the number of things there are to do in Essex, besides being perma-tanned and ‘reem.’ The town has a huge selection of attractions ranging from...

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The entire country, probably Europe and maybe bits of the rest of the world, witnessed Gloucestershire suffer the worst flooding on record in 2007. The overall damage cost thousands of residents...

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London is a mere 75 miles away from Southampton, the county’s most southern city, making Hampshire a popular destination for city workers and those wanting to relax and enjoy the...

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