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Located north of Greater London, Hertfordshire borders Essex, Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire and is one of the Home Counties, with plenty of history and culture to take in. It’s hard...

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Renowned as being the Garden of England, Kent is home to the some of country’s most celebrated agricultural areas. Throw in its coastline and rich history and you have a rather diverse county...

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They say it’s grim up north, and it can be quite easy to forget that yes, civilisation does exist once you cross out of Greater Manchester into Lancashire. No, Lancashire may not have...

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A land-locked county in the East Midlands, Leicestershire has borders with no fewer than seven other counties, making it a seriously accessible place. Derbyshire is to the northwest,...

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When you think of Lincolnshire, you probably think of sausages, but there’s so much more to the county than delicious home-cooked farm-reared food (although it’s worth visiting just for...

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A metropolitan county centred on both banks of the Mersey Estuary, Merseyside takes its name from the river flowing through it. With Lancashire to the northeast, Greater Manchester to the east,...

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North Yorkshire

With its epic stretches of countryside, cracking coast and medieval walled city, North Yorkshire, England’s largest county, has lots on offer for an escape from everyday life. Both the North...

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This ceremonial county in the East Midlands has a rich history, the evidence of which can still be seen today. One great historical spot is the 1st century Roman fort that was...

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‘Castle-tastic’ would be the best way to describe Northumberland (well, maybe not the best way, as it’s not actually a word, but it’s certainly an accurate description). The county was...

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