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It’s the south-western tip of Wales and with its beaches winning countless awards, it’s not too hard to see why Pembrokeshire is a top destination for Welsh summer holidays. Flanked by

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Rutland, wee Rutland. With a north-south border measuring just 18 miles and an east-west breadth of 17 miles, it is the second smallest normal unitary authority in mainland England (only the...

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This county on the Welsh border is a beauty. Border battles have left castles, ruins and forts just waiting to be explored. Visit the county that was at the forefront of the Industrial...

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Somerset is a perfect mix of coast and countryside, with certified areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and protected national parks such as Exmoor and the

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South Yorkshire

This county on the East side of the Pennines was put on the map by the mining and steel industries in this area, and this history is celebrated in the county’s attractions. But you’d be...

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The county of Staffordshire is an exciting juxtaposition of unique period buildings, theme parks and perhaps most famously home to the pottery industry which dominated the town of Stoke on Trent...

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The vast skies, never-ending green hills and dappled golden forests in Suffolk inspired native artists John Constable and Thomas Gainsborough. Thankfully the countryside has remained unspoilt by...

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Surrey is home to some major family attractions: Thorpe Park and

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Tyne & Wear

Tyne and Wear – a county so nice, they gave it two names. The history of this county’s formation is incredibly convoluted, involving county boroughs and ceremonial counties and all sorts...

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