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Shakespeare, cathedrals and castles – oh my! Warwickshire has a lot going on and you’d be silly to miss it. Starting with Shakespeare, Stratford upon Avon is a great stop in this...

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West Midlands

The West Midlands offer a spectacular array of museums, things to do and places to see, and astoundingly the Birmingham Canals have more canals than Venice! With an intriguing accent the home of...

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West Sussex

West Sussex is officially the sunniest county in the UK, according to the guys at the Met Office. So obviously it was the first port of call for the Roman invasion of 43 AD and the Norman...

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West Yorkshire

West Yorkshire contains the two culturally rich cities of Leeds and Bradford which boast award winning museums and shopping areas. But this county is not just a sprawling urban mass it has some...

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Wiltshire is a large flat county, but only in terms of landscape, in regards to attractions on offer it is rich and varied with the world famous Wiltshire is a large flat county, but only in t

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The county of Worcestershire is dominated by the eight mile ridge of the Malvern Hills, and rightly so...

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