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AberDEEEEEN! Sorry, we can’t seem to mention the name of one of our favourite Scottish cities without doing it in a very Scottish accent. Apologies etc. But we do tend to get a bit...

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They were a nifty lots, those Romans, especially when it came to their presence in Britain a couple of thousand years back. Not only did they build forts, garrison towns and Hadrian’s Wall,...

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‘I love Ireland, but I’ve never made it up north’ seems to be the standard response of visitors from all over the world when conversation turns to the Emerald Isle. Tis a damn shame, we...

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Apparently over the years there’s been quite the handbags at dawn hissy fit going on between Birmingham and the capital of the north-west, Manchester, over which city should be able to claim...

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Just 22 miles from the Welsh capital, Bridgend or Pen-y-Bont is a Cardiff suburb that takes its name from the end of a bridge over the River Ogmore, which is the main river serving the town,...

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Brighton is such a lovely seaside town, you’d hardly realise it’s just a stone’s throw from London. And despite its rather small size, there are such a huge number of things to do,...

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Bristol is a city that fuses old with new. While present day visitors will admire the Banksy graffiti and love the city’s avant garde eateries, the extensive history of Bristol is still very...

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Mention the city of Cambridge and you might think of the stereotype of extremely clever (and posh) students prancing around in their quilted body warmers and pashminas which they probably paid...

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Not only is Canterbury one of Kent’s most popular tourist destinations, but it’s also one of the UK’s most visited cities. Despite being heavily reliant on tourism and largely...

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